Harassed Over Negative Balance


Upon having a negative balance, they waited appx 3 days before starting to inundate me with phone calls.  I'd call back, make the arrangements to pay the balance, and that'd be good for an hour.  Then they'd call again.  After that second call, it was a week before they contacted me again AFTER! they took the money out of my account!  So I told them I saw it in my bank account, they wanted payment arrangements.  I explained that they had the money, that it had come out of my account that morning.  Finally they accepted that.  66 minutes later I get another call.  I start talking to the person about "Fair Collection Act" which they apparently haven't heard of.  (Calling so much as to be distracting and or obstructive to a persons life.)  I requested a supervisor.....they said one would call me back.  And I'm still waiting for that supervisor to call.....much later.

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