Guilty By Association


Hi please can you help me,i use to have a pay pal account which i use to use with ebay. My nephew borrowed my pc and within a week pay pal had closed my account. I Immediately rang pay pal to ask why this was, all they said to me was my nephew had been using multiple accounts on pay pal which i didn’t really understand so they had tracked my ip address to him so accused me of doing the same which is absolutely ridiculous said i wanted to appeal against this decision and pay pal told me the decision had been made and i was now banned for life.I find this extremely disgusting what my nephew does is no buisness of mine when i lent him my pc i had no issue of him using ebay on my pc.I cannot use ebay no longer my movie site which i use to download from as now had to be closed. I am absolutely disgusted the way pay pal as treated me is there any way around this issue please. My movie site use to have a payment method called alert pay but have now stopped this payment method and now use pal pal please please help i need my movies back

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