Got So Screwed

Oh where to begin!

I sold an item on Ebay on the 17th of October.
Being a good seller that I have always tried to be, I checked PayPal to see if payment had posted. It had so I shipped out the package.
Next day I get an Email for EBAY in CHINESE!!!
I don’t read Chinese so I have to figure out what how to translate it.
I finally did the next day and it said that I should not send the package because my buyer was a fraud!
Funny how emails demanding payment or anything THEY want from YOU is in ENGLISH!
Well I went on PayPal and saw they hand put a freeze on the funds. Only problem is I ALWAYS withdrawn funds from ATM as soon as they post to prevent any hanky panky. My account showed me deep in the red.
So I call PayPal and they say "oh don’t worry, we randomly freeze transactions over $250.00 and investigate them.???????WTF I tell them about the email from Ebay, They say "don’t worry! In a couple of days the funds will be released.
I try to find the transaction on Ebay and POOF it is completely GONE! Like it never happened.
I don’t trust them and I call Ebay. 
Ebay says that the guy that bought my items was kicked off Ebay and they don’t even know how he was able to BID on my item.
They said he got kicked off because he was misusing the buyer protection chargeback system and as soon as he got notified the item is sent he does a chargeback knowing the buyer is always going to be protected. They tell me to go to the website and report this thief. They take all the info from me and assure me Ebay is on the job investigating this guy. So I call postmaster to find out how to stop package. I am able to stop it and have it returned. Of course I had to pay the damn shipping to have it brought back. So now I’m out the price of the item and 30.00 in shipping.
I call PayPal and tell them I was able to get it back the check tracking and agree I indeed got it back so they take the freeze off the funds. I hang up and call Ebay.
I tell them I was able to get the package back and ask for the guys ID that was bidding against the thieving prick and they say "oh no we don’t have that info because we deleted the WHOLE transaction. I’m like well shit I guess ill put item back up for bids and maybe the guy will see it and go ahead and bid on it again.
So item is back up for auction and all is well with the world right?
Wrongo buddy wait for it..............
The next day I get on Ebay to check auction and lo and behold there is an open case filed against ME from the thieving prick that was SUPPOSEDLY kicked OFF Ebay!!!
In a panic I log on to PayPal and guess what? Yup you guessed it the S.O.B filed a case on me there to saying he never received the item!
In the area where they let you respond to the accusation I wrote well no shit Sherlock Ebay TOLD me to stop it because you are a fraud!
I get a note back shortly saying these exact words. “I don’t care I want the item or refund"
I’m blown away and I call PayPal they are singing a whole new song now and they have frozen my BANK account for 14 days until the REFUND goes though.
I can’t believe my ears I hang up and call Ebay who offers no explanation or apology they say its best to just pay him of so he will go away. I ask why they sent the damn email in the first place when he obviously hadn’t been kicked off like they said he had.
I ask how is it possible that you cannot give me auction details so that I can give a second chance offer but HE can open a case against ME because HE didn’t get the item??????
I got zero answers
So I’m out $630.00 because three thieves EBAY PAYPAL AND KENWIND2011 bent me over and passed each other the Vaseline.
Thanks for letting me vent.

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