Got Paid With Stolen Credit Card


Some recent transactions that happened on my account has totally screwed a lot of things up and completely blocked my name from ever using PayPal.

My account under the email has been determined by someone within that PayPal system that it was to be permanently closed due to some recent activity on the account. Well I had no clue that permanently closing an account meant that you were basically saying I can't use PayPal at all anymore under my name.

Here is how it all started,

In December 2011, I sold a TV and Stereo System to a man from Bountiful, Utah. I asked if this man could pay me through PayPal and he agreed to do so. So I received the funds in a PayPal account under the email of that was created in December of 2011. I then transferred that money to my original PayPal account at that I created in 2008. I then tried to transfer that money into my Bank Account because it was such a large sum. 

Come to find out the man Paid me with a stolen credit card and PayPal was notified and then PayPal notified me that I had a limitation on both accounts and they were both under review. Immediately before the man came and picked up the goods from my house I contacted him and told him about the situation and I needed cash only for this transaction. He agreed and brought cash with him to pick up the goods. When filling out PayPal's dispute paper work for the account in question I just listed it as a gift because I figured it would have been easier that way. Turns out I was wrong again.

Now that I have sold the goods and the Credit Card company for the stolen credit card has received charge backs I have worked with PayPal and determined that I had to pay the debt off in my account and did so on January 11, 2012. In time PayPal permanently closed my main and longest running account under the email of and I didn't even give me a chance to dispute their findings. So this is my dispute. I would like that PayPal account re-opened if possible and if not possible I would like it terminated and deleted indefinitely for the inconvenience that PayPal has caused me. So there is none of my information associated with it at all. No Credit Card Number, No Bank Account Number, No Addresses, No Phone Numbers, and No Social Security Number. I either need this account re-instated or gone from your system. As for the other PayPal account the one I would like to continue using that account now if there is no way possible to re-open the account but if you re-open my one I would like to close the account. If that is not possible then I would like both accounts completely deleted and terminated forever so everything is gone and wiped from your system so I can start over fresh. You can even monitor everything I do on PayPal. I had a good relationship with PayPal until this one transaction and I would like to continue using PayPal in the future because of the millions of people that use it especially since I am trying to start a new business.

My account was in great standing and used for good transactions over the years. It had a great track record until this one fraudulent payment. That wasn't even my fault. And because of this PayPal has blocked me from their system forever. This makes no sense to me from a business standpoint. You should be blocking the account from which I received the money, not my account. 

Chad A

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