Got My Paypal Account Hacked


Paypal sucks...I had my account hacked have no idea how it was done as my pass word was a good one. Anyway someone had paid for £30 of pizza on my paypal account and had them delivered to an address near London. I live in the NorthEast!!! Anyway got hold of paypal straight away and within 2 days they said we have reversed the payment. Today I check my bank and low and behold they have taken £30 from my account???? WHAT THE HELL is going on with them? They are ripping us off blind they blame other people for what goes on but it's paypal that's at fault I think they have workers who are scamming from within the company. I have had this happen a few times now. My pass word this time is full of symbols and numbers and yet money still comes out of my bank that should not?
I am going to get in touch with the police now as this is out and out fraud.

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