Got Migrane From Paypal

     On August 4, I made a payment by accident using my checking account. I realized my error and called PayPal. The rep told me I had two choices 1) have bank refuse or 2) have the receiver refund my money and resubmit using my credit card. Like a fool, I went with #2. The receiver of the money refunded my money. All this took place on August 4. On August 5, I resubmitted with my credit card. All this was complete on August 7. On August 12, PayPal also took the same amount of money out of my checking account. So now, PayPal has been paid the amount of $3448 TWICE and has a refund of $3448 yet somehow I am out the $3448 and now a large sum of bank fees not to mention the returned check fees to come. And here I sit with no money and more fees to come.

     After 3 calls with Pay pal, the only thing I got was a migraine. I had the rules of Paypal explained ad nausueam. I stated several times, I followed what a Paypal CS rep suggested, and now Paypal accepts no accountability. All they could do was repeat that I would receive the refund 3-5 business days later despite the fact they received their refund on August 4.

     It is still not clear to me why they cannot refund my money. I asked to explain the logic to me - PayPal made a $3448 payment twice, received a $3448 refund, but yet cannot refund $3448 to me only repeat over and over I should have the refund 3-5 business days later after they already posted the payment. My head spins after talking with them and the very pleasant supervisor throws something out about the Federal Reserve!? Not the point. Said it was not their policy to refund returned check fees despite this is so apparently PP's error.

      I am no skeptical I will even receive my money back! I will definitely NEVER use their service again There was a lot they could have done for Service Recovery and they chose not to other than to explain the 3-5 day transaction length over and over. How does that help me as I am currently $2000 overdrawn on my checking account and no way to get cash into my checking! FURIOUS!


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