Golf Clubs On eBay


I recently sold a set of golf irons on Ebay for $ 950.00.  I don't sell a lot of things through Ebay so I am somewhat naive to the process.  The buyer paid for them and I shipped them out the next day using UPS through Paypal.  I received the money and everything seemed fine.
Six days after I sent the item I receive 3 e-mails, at the same time, from Paypal.  The first is telling me that the transaction is disputed and that the buyer did not receive his item.  The second says they are reviewing the transaction, and the third says they are refunding the money to the buyer.
I was never contacted by the buyer via Ebay to let me know his package hadn't arrived so I was thrown for a loop.  I went onto Paypal and tracked the package.  It showed that it was delivered 2 days prior.  I contacted Paypal with this information.  They let me know that since I didn't ship requiring a signature they couldn't verify so they were refunding the money.
My gut feeling is that the buyer intended to do this from the beginning and I was screwed.  Paypal should have the signature requirement pop up for any shipment over $ 250.00 but they don't.  I have reported it to Ebay as fraud and will have to wait to see how it goes.

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