Getting Nowhere With Paypal


Paypal sure does suck.  I have just finished a stupid endless problem because they locked my account because my expiry date on my card had changed. IN order to change the expiry date you have to access your account which they would not let me do because they locked it because the expiry date had changed.  I spend hours trying to find a contact number for them. !!!!
Now, I have my own computer and email address and am no longer using my husband's computer.  My first paypal account was signed up for using my husband's computer and email address.  Now paypal will not recognize my sign in on my computer using my husband's email address to access my acccount which was set up using that email address and password.  Okay, so I will open a new account on this computer.  Good Luck.  It won't accept a new application, I guess because it can detect my former account.  I don't know.  What I do know for sure is that these guys drive me crazy.  they have the most unfriendly site I have ever tried to use.  They won't accept what you are entering, but also will not tell you what is wrong with it or what they want.  there is nowhere on their site where you can get contact information to reach them by phone.  I have spent endless hours trying to rectify problems.  Its insane!!!
Paypal sucks.

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