Frozen Funds Driving Me Crazy


After buying and selling for years on eBay and using PayPal as exclusive method of payment, with never a problem, the funds in my PayPal account suddenly became frozen, with a pending message from PayPal that they'd be holding them up to 21 days to ensure I followed through on providing quality service and a quality product to my customer.  Over the past couple of years, this has happened to me on three separate occasions (or episodes).  In dealing with PayPal, I always get the same indifferent, unsympathetic, pat responses of them not being able to do anything about it, them being unqualified to address any legal allegations, and basically insinuating that they obviously had good reason to "suspect" my account, otherwise it wouldn't have happened, in which the truth of it is I had a 100% positive customer feedback and no strikes against me whatsoever.  My eBay business, which was really only ever seasonal and something I used at various selling seasons of the year to earn extra money, perhaps $500 or so at a time, has literally come to a stop.  This experience having been out of mind, I wanted to get things listed on eBay for the Christmas selling season, but for unknown reasons, couldn't bring myself to get motivated to do so, whereas in the past, I was super motivated.  Finally got something up post-Christmas, which I wound up getting and accepting a Buy-It-Now offer on January 2 of this year (2012).  I was ecstatic and re-motivated to get things listed, until I went to ship the items out the next day and, lo and behold, my funds, once again, had been frozen.  Now it suddenly all came back to me as to why my whole motivation was totally nonexistent.  After dealing with one indifferent customer service rep after another, finally asked to speak with a supervisor.  My anger at this point was uncontained and he wound up being the biggest dick of all (sorry for my unprofessionalism there).  I laid into this guy, no holds barred, and maybe it didn't get me anywhere, but let me tell you, I was eloquent and I hit him deep on principle and I know that guy didn't sleep well that night, even though, yeah, he sure managed to conduct himself calm and composed throughout the whole conversation.  As a single mama, I actually really need to get things on eBay, as this is a real critical avenue for me to make the extra money to make ends meet.  I sent a message to the customer who had bought my most recent lot, telling her what had happened and asking if she could provide payment in an alternative form, if I refunded her payment and, basically, her alarms were raised at this point and, with all of eBay's warnings about never accepting payment outside of the official channels, she couldn't come to terms with the legitimacy of issue and just wound up cancelling.  Thus, the catch 22 of it all is here that if you don't use PayPal on eBay, you basically don't have customers and if you use PayPal, you're liable at getting your money held up.  Not cool.  Irony of it is that they sure don't have problem taking their little fee portion right off the top, so how contradictory is that?  Who's money is this anyways, PayPal's or, as they claim or at least insinuate through their "protecting the customer" justification, or the customer's?  All along the double edged knife in the back (or is it a jagged knife?) is that the money belongs to "ME" as does the merchandise (not to mention the careful and laborious time and energy involved to put a nice lot together that actually sold)!!!!  And that I'd even have to put out for the cost of shipping without any reimbursement if I even wanted to even see my money.  So glad to see your website here.  Definitely a bit of relief in this whole nightmare scenario to not only know there's others out there in my same boat, but that you've even taken it farther and are providing a fab service here of offering insight into how to get the whole bad dream to come to an end once and for all.  I've since talked to numerous people who were doing business on eBay, some in the tune of 1000s, who had the similar scenario happen to them and who refuse to ever do service with eBay or PayPal again.  Watch out when big company investor types take over small innovative startups.  Once you diverge from the innovation itself, and try to make it a pure "for profit" game, you wind up losing, ultimately, the whole ball game and then some.  eBay and PayPal could have lead the world in innovation, but, they gone and screwed themselves over, while screwing a whole lot of good intentioned people over at the same time.  Thank you and best of luck to you, me and all of us who are trying to fight the unjustness of scams like this and caught between a rock and a hard spot while trying to do so.  Guess that's where true innovation comes from, though, huh?  Peace

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