Fraud And Extortion

     Fraud, Extortion. No other bank / business has the ability to with hold your money like paypal. I spent a day being rational with them, palmed off, on hold, hung up on. Not sure how the Australian federal parliment passed these guy's off as a monolopy, but they have my money & are damn hard to get any sense from. When calling, you get American's, who pass you into the too hard category, and promise a call back from a manager at best. Wait up to 72hrs they say, let alone you need your cash & best result if reinstated right now is two business days. It's fraud & extortion at it's best.

     I have no answer for this just now, but i have enquired with the NSW Police, Australian Financial Ombudsman, and if need be my local member of parliment.

     I have a small online business & 1-2 weeks kills my turnover, but the feeling from paypal is.....who care!


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