Forced Into Bankruptcy

     Hello just wanted to add a story that our small company got 168,000 USD locked for 6 months straight making us go bankrupt during the time.

This was our site news:

     Paypal problems.....     When paying your ticket to Berget 9, you won´t be able to pay through Paypal like previous years. We have decided to stop using Paypal due to huge problems and financial risks. Paypal have several times during the last year locked our account funds for 3-4 month´s without anwsering emails or phone. We cannot work under such circomstances and are now taking the neccesary steps to end our business with Paypal.

     You will however be able to pay through, VISA, MASTERCARD, Bankwire transfer & Swedish Bankgiro. Any problems and if you need help with your payment. Just contact


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