Example Of No Seller Protection

I have used paypal since 2004 and never any problem other than them holding my money for no reason and waiting on positive feedback. Funny thing was I never had one negitive feedback so that was starting to make me MAD! My problem started after an item had expired on ebay. About 2 weeks after my auction ended, I was contacted by e-mail from a person wanting the item which was no longer listed. We came to an aggreement on the price and for it to be paid for with paypal. After getting verification that he paid $300.00, I shipped it, tracked it, and confirmed delivery. This transaction was not through ebay just paypal!

After over a month went by, I recieved an e-mail from paypal stating the buyer wanted his money back no reason just wanted a refund. I said fine, but he has to send back my merchandice first. They told me he didn't have to send it back, and I had to refund the money! The buyer sent me an E-mail stating if I wanted my merchandice to come to his house around 900 miles away and take it from him! I forwarded the e-mail to pp, but it didn't mean one thing to them. They ignored me and said they had to do what the buyer wanted. I had no say so in the matter.

The only problem for paypal was that I had no money in my pp account. Knowing what was going to happen, I went to my bank and closed my account and opened another one, not giving pp the new account number. The buyer even went as far as to look up the original item I had listed and told pp he bought it on ebay! Paypal dont even have enough sense to look and see that he is lying. They refunded his money! When they found out I beat em to the punch they started threatening me. They then tried a payment plan like I was going to trust that! I told Paypal lets take it in front of a judge, and they backed off and now harrass me with collection agencies.

The bad part for me is I was disabled in 2003, and the only income I had was ebay which I now can't use because I can't and wont take paypal. I learned to sell on ebay, and that paid some of my bills and paid for my medications which I do without most of the time. Lots of folks would never think just $300.00 could stop someone's life, but it can and for the fellow that caused this, I hope you sleep good at night. I mean after all, you figured out how to spend money, get it back, and spend it again.

I'm sure there are others victims of the same guy or ones like them.

C Lynn

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