Entire Family Shut Down


Paypal closed my Brothers account and froze his money for reasons neither of us can work out! Approx a week or so later the proceeded to then close my account, my mums account and even my girlfriends. At the time i was out of work and had 1500 of my own money tied up in paypal which to this day is still there. I contacted them, gave them all the documents that they asked for with no joy. They told me i could appeal, so that’s what i did... well tried. Paypal never even bothered to reply to my appeal and even when i phone them its like talking to a robot that just takes part of what you say and gives you a bullshit answer. I've tried to set up accounts again with no joy. I usually buy and sell on ebay. My seeling account was doing excellent until they closed me down with no reason. I am now sitting on around  4000 worth of stock with no way to sell it easily and 1500 down. Currently i owe about 2000 to suppliers and 1200 for equipment. Basically Paypal have screwed me.

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