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Your email to the Attorney General states:
This is a Consumer complaint against the business/company named below
First Name: Norman
Middle Initial:
Last Name: Cxxxxx
Company Name: PayPal
Company Address Line: (unable to find)
Company Address Line 2:
Company City: San Jose
Company State: CA
Company Zip:
Company Zip4:
Company Area Code:
Company Phone Number:
Comment Or Question Message: (This is regarding the electronic payment services provided by PayPal.)
I have demanded that PayPal close my account for nearly 10 days, now, and they have consistently
refused. The reason they have given me is a defect in exchanging data between PayPal and a
vendor from whom I ordered a product on October 23rd. This merchandise was ordered, paid for,
sent, delivered, and the transaction was successfully fulfilled (from
Nevertheless, solely because of a defect in their business systems, PayPal has not acknowledged
the completion of this transaction in their system, and has placed a so-called "limitation" on my
I have spent many hours trying to cancel my account during the past 10 days, and PayPal refuses
to do so, even while acknowledging that all transactions have posted, all sums have been
collected and paid, the merchandise has been delivered successfully, and there are no
outstanding amounts due from me (or my credit card company).

Notwithstanding, PayPal has refused to honor my request to cancel my account. During my most
recent (toll) call to their "service" representative today, they disconnected me.

I believe a review is in order, by the Office of the Attorney General, into whether or not PayPal
business practices, in this instance and in general, are consistent with the letter and intent of laws
and regulations in the State of California.
Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


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