eBay Sent Wrong Address Lable

Paypal received funds as payment for an item that I sold on ebay. Ebay sent the wrong address label and was sent to the wrong bidder. The wrong bidder did not pay for the item, and the bidder who sent payment was refunded the same day by paypal by my own request. Then ebay comes back that they paid the rightful bidder a refund on my behalf, when paypal swears they refunded the payment. Now ebay want me to pay them back $45 for the refund of funds that were already refunded by paypal. Now I am out $51 for the sale of a laptop, the laptop that I was selling the did not get paid for, the 10.50 postage, and the bad rap I got with both ebay and paypal, when I had sold over $2000 in three years without complaints.

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