eBay Bucks Scam


I know this might sound petty compared to most of the problems some people had with paypal/ebay. i just thought this was funny how they handled my complaint. iv been using paypal and ebay alot more the last few months. and i racked up a decent amount of those ebay bucks. and as you all prolly know you have to spend a lot of money to earn just a little reward... so for that reason i was pissed after i used it and everything seemed to go smoothly till reviewing my bank records. i was charged the full amount for the item with out the ebay bucks discount. so i called ebay and after some arguing they blamed paypal and gave me a number to call. so i call. and paypay says the same thing , ebays fault. they kept telling me that in their computer it shows that the ebay bucks was applied. i stressed to these people that im currently as we speak this very moment looking at my bank records. im 100% possitive that it wasnt added. i got fed up arguing over a small amount of money so i gave then a firm F U and promised to stop using their services anymore. the end

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