Ebay Nickels And Dimes You

I have sold my hand crafts for years !  I stopped selling on Ebay because I go sick of their nickel and dime listings pluse all their hidden fees. So I started selling on Etsy which is great, but there are so many crafters, your stuff gets lost in the shuffle!  Meanwhile,I was always dealing with PayPal and did not have a problem until I came back to Ebay.

First they were holding my money because I needed to establish a good sells record. I grumbled but played along!  Now they are holding 90 bucks of mine because I went to the post office and mailed my items and they don't have a tracking number. Even though I showed them the customer has long since gotten their items and have left positive feed back!

I was told by them my money is going to be held for maybe 3 weeks !  WHY??????? The whole thing is ridulous!  I never had a problem with customers, and if I did would take care of it because this is my business!  Not a quick way to make a buck!

Nedra Amys

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