Do Not Know Why Account Was Blocked


Oh god where to start, i was selling sd cards on ebay. I invested all i gad to get the sd cards from China. Everything was fine for the first week then BAM all of a sudden they close my ebay account, without any explanation - even after i asked them why.

My paypal account got locked and the funds that were in them are still frozen to this day, and this was about 2 years ago.

Paypal refunds, every once in a while a dishonest buyer will request a refund from paypal, claiming the item has not been delivered, on my first transaction i was dumb and didn't know that items should ALWAYS  be shipped with tracking. Buyer requested the cheapest shipping so i gave it too him after a him pleading for me to help him. Then he filed for a refund and said the package never arrived.

To this day i still do not know why my account was blocked..

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