Customer Service Runaround


When I asked why it was taking so long for the hold to be removed on my money, I was told that they had to hold on to my money because a customer might want a refund. To which I answered that I have to approve a refund after I receive my merchandise in its original condition. They then agreed with me and said that was correct.
When I asked when my money is finally released why it takes so long for my money to be transferred to my bank. I added that Paypal can take it out immediately why can't they instantly put it back. They said it was because of federal reserve laws and my bank. My bank said that a wire transfer that goes through the federal reserve is actually faster. My bank also said that once they get my money I get it instantly. My bank said they have nothing to do with my money being held up, and that they can transfer it immediately if they want.
Apparently they keep a record of the customers, like me, that have waded through all their devious answers to questions there representatives have been trained to use. I now get my money released as soon as the customer receives their merchandise, and even the day the tracking number says it is going to be delivered before they deliver the package.
I have to call, though, and let them put me on hold while they look up the tracking number. I also remind them that I need that money, so I can make more money for them, by buying the materials to make my products from Ebay.  I also say I could be making more money by selling these new products on Ebay once I can make them. I also get my transfers in under 2 days.

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