Customer Lied And PayPal Sided With Him


Paypal allowed a client to lie on me and say that they did not receive services from me. I am a professional and I ALWAYS produce great work for my clients. You can see my work on movie screens, CD's, DVD's etc. 

A client decides to be a bully, after he cried to me intially telling me how ALL OF THESE graphic designers and web designers disappeared on him. He TRIED to sound like a nice guy but he was a bully from hell. To make a long story short, I finished his project but he wanted to add more under the initial quote. I told him no. I told him that he was not worth the stress anymore. He calls Paypal and gives them a BOGUS story of how I did not do what he asked. They took the money out of my account and shrugged their shoulders after I told them the truth. 

So he gets away with murder. Paypal washed their hands of my problem and I am sorely bitter to say the least. I hate them but I use them due to my circumstances. I cringe as I use them now. Its like a "tolerate/hate" relationship as opposed to a "love/hate". I used to be a real fan. I hate them now. I resent Paypal. I can't wait until the day i say "Fuck you Paypal!" 

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