Closed My Account

I sold a 2000.00 item on Ebay for a friend who turned out to be a scam artist.  The item never existed and the credit card used to buy the item belonged to his girlfriend's mother. 90 days after the sale it came back as an unauthorized charge.  I gave Paypal the information needed to go after the rightful criminal, but instead of giving me the usual 2 weeks, they closed my account in three days, even though I had not had any problems with my account in over 5 years.  It is still closed. They did not research this case, even though I gave them everything they needed in the way of info to help them with the process.  This was  over 2 years ago and they still have my account in collections.  I have called 3 times and asked if I could set up payments and they systematically refus to do this. All or nothing.  This ruined my ability to augment my income on Ebay.

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