Chargeback Nightmare

I sold a Douglas rocket model for 405.00 and promptly shipped the item once it was paid for. The buyer upon receiving the item said it was nice but it did not display well and he wanted to return it. I informed the buyer that I do not accept returns for items not displaying well. He attempted to send the item back and I refused to accept it. He later filed with Paypal and they froze the funds. I contacted them by telephone and they agreed his reason for returning the item was not a valid reason and they released the funds back into my account. I assumed this was a finished deal. Later I received an email and they again froze my money. They said the buyer filed a chargeback and did I want their chargeback specialist to handle the case. I gave them the pertinent information and knowing they had already ruled in my favor I did not think I would lose the case. After a few days I received an email about their final decision. They never presented the case to the credit card company and gave the buyer his money back after holding the money for several days. I telephoned them to ask about the merchandise and they basically told me there was nothing they would do. I did everything right and they sided with the buyer. I asked about their sellers protection and they said it did not cover credit card chargebacks. They do not fight credit card companies. I lost the merchandise, my ebay and paypal fees. In addition they charged me an additional fee for the credit card company and they also grabbed more of my money in fees for themselves. Do not allow their supposedly chargeback people to fight the case. If you do you automaticaly lose.

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