ChargeBack Done By Buyer


I had a great ebay feedback and high transaction history. I thought I was a good customer but one day 1 got 2,400 british pounds order from a verified, confirmed  customer. The paypal thing said ok to send. It was quite a big order so ,even though I thought the cash was cleared, I decided to hold on to it for a bit. Sent the vinyl sign printer 7 days later and it got to the customer 32 hours later by signed for/insured mail. 13 days later I've received the first of thousands of emails from paypal and then later debt collection companies. They informed me of a credit card charge-back. My account is in negative balance -2400gbp (transfered funds straight away). As far as I am concerned they can take me to court and pay my legal fees and court costs when they fail to claim the money. My problem is I need to get another paypal account. I have another bank account but in my real name. I can still buy with a different account(prepay) but I don't know if I change the address on my debit card to my parents home in order to sell again.

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