Canceled Payment Creates Big Problem


I sent money to a wrong person in Australia and within 30 seconds of making this mistake, I was in telephone talks with Paypal.  The telephone customer service advisor advised me that as it was still active she was able to cancel the payment. She also advised me to contact my bank to cancel the payment as a double protection against Paypal paying the amount to the person.  2 months later paypal put my account into negativity and limit my access.  They say they had paid the person out of their own money and my bank was refusing to refund them as the transaction had been cancelled. I confirmed that it was also cancelled by Paypal customer services by telephone immediately following my error. They say they will take me to court if I do not instruct my bank to pay them. They have not given me access since and my Paypal balance is being held.  I have sent numerous emails which are never answered asking for my money and saying if they paid the wrong person then they did so in error and the error is their financial problem not mine.  I have also phoned only to speak to people who are aggressive and tell me I have no chance against the might of Paypal, so I should just give in.

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