Canceled Due To Paypal

     After searching for nearly a year for a rare part for my car on ebay, I finally found a listing.  When I tried to complete the transaction via Paypal,  I find that my account is "limited due to verification".  For no apparent reason, paypal felt it necessary to verify my name and address, even though I have made dozens of purchases to a confirmed address via paypal before. 

     During this process, which they claim to be quick and easy, I could not purchase anything via paypal, which in turn kept me from making purchases on Ebay.  I sent in the documentation they requested, and waited for a response.  After waiting over a week, I contacted them to express my frustration.  They responded to my email with an apology for the inconvenience, and that they were working on my account and would contact me as soon as the verification process was complete.  Also, they stated that after the verification was complete and they sent me the email, it would take 48-72 additional hours before my
account limitations would be lifted.
     In the end, my account has been reinstated, but I had to let go of the part that I had waited so long to find, and apologize to the seller for having to cancel the transaction because paypal would not allow me to pay for it.  Not only is the situation extremely frustrating, but also embarrasing.  Why should I have to apologize for Paypal's wrongful doings? If I could boycott Paypal today I would and never think twice.


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