Can Not Use Or Close Account


A year ago my account was limited because PayPal noted "suspicious activity" and I was sent an email saying it would not be available for 180 days. There was no information as to the nature of this activity. I could not see anything unusual on my bank account or Ebay account (the only place I used it). I went on the PayPal site looking for how to remove these limitations and found nothing useful. A year later I called their customer service 800 number to talk with a human. After a lengthy wait on hold I finally got a customer service rep on the line. He told me my account had been permanently limited. I could sign into it and look at it but I couldn't use it. I told him I knew that but was looking for a way to remove the restrictions. He told me it was PERMANENTLY restricted and the restrictions could not be removed. I asked him why. He told me that the reasons could not be given out due to security or proprietary reasons. I said "So I have an account with my private information on it that I can't use, ever, and can't close?" He said that was correct and asked if there was anything else he could help me with. I told him "No" and hung up ... fuming!

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