Can Not Close Paypal Account


Paypal froze my account, even though it was always in good standing and I never engaged in any fraudulent activity.  I only used my Paypal account for convenient online shopping.  When I called them to find out why my account was "permanently limited", they explained that I had violated Paypal's Terms of Use Agreement.  When I asked for details, all they could say was that it was a credit card payment that took place five years ago that violated the Terms of Use.  They couldn't tell me what the payment was for or who it was to, but suggested that I contact my credit card company to find out!  Now I can't even use my credit card to shop with sites that use Paypal as a payment processor because my card is on file with Paypal.  They will not allow me to close my Paypal account or delete my information from their website, and told me that the account would remain forever, even though I can't use it for anything.  I don't know what I did to violate their Terms of Use policy, and I
never did anything to cost Paypal any money.

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