I sold a 1000$ Bvlgari necklace on ebay. after over 90 days, the buyer comes back and tried to charge me back through paypal. it didn't work so they went back to their credit card company, filled a chargeback. paypal has investigated the case and decided in my favor, however what they said that the last decision goes to the credit card company. few days later, i get an email from paypal saying that i didn't win the case. The chargeback specialist have told me on the phone that they don't waste their time and money on things they think they will lose well, whatever. Now the buyer got the money back and still has the diamond necklace. i called paypal to ask for refunds under the seller protection policy, but they are saying we cannot because it's marked as "not as described". well, we know that the buyer has marked it as not described, but paypal has decided in my favor already so what the buyer has marked should not affect the protection policy process. Today, i was told by their manager that they will investigate more and let me know what they can do. This is so unfair and nonprofessional. especially that the buyer got the item and the money.  

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