Buyers Claimed Item Was Fake


Buyer won Auctions and 'Buy it now' Auctions. After he had received them he emailed me to ask if I had any more available - so I sold him another 4 items. After he had received the 2nd delivery he informed eBay/PayPal that they were fakes (which they were not) and PayPal gave him ALL his money back 650 and then froze my account. They wouldn't listen to me and so I had to start all over again. (I know that they were NOT FAKES because the Glassware that I sold on eBay came from a sale of Val St Lambert Glass from Belgium and most of the pieces were bought by eBay buyers living in Belgium and ALL of them left me excellent Feedback.) What PayPal did was to pay him ALL his payments back and left me minus 650. I believe that he signed an on line affidavit for PayPal-  that he had  destroyed the 'fake' items (which were not fakes) and then he sold them one at a time on his web site.

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