Buyer Wants Refund For DVD Shipping

     To start off with, I am a Preferred Power Seller on ebay with over 1000 feedback and 100% rating. I was starting to give my ebay business to my wife and got her set up on ebay and PayPal with her own accounts. She started this on August 12th 2010. On December 8th she had accuired 30 feedback since she had started selling on ebay. My wife had one sale that one customer wanted a refund for, a DVD that they bought, and stated that it would not play on their DVD player. So we asked them to send us back the DVD which they did and we gave them a 100% refund. But then the buyer wanted an extra $10 for the return shipping, so we ended up with a negative feedback for not giving into their extortions demands (the DVD was only $6 to begin with lol).

      Well on December 8th, PayPal places a hold on my wifes incoming receivable money from all current sales along with the funds that were already in the account (about $130.00 total), and their reason is she is a new seller less than 6 months with less than 100 feedback...So I called them. I offered to let them link my account to hers so their buyer would be assured a refund if one was warrented, and they said NO, that cant be done. I told them they are holding funds illegally as this is the USA and we have the right to fail as much as we have the right to suceed without someone telling us when we can have our money. They are treating us like children.

     But yet they are not doing ANYTHING to Buyers that do not pay us (where is the sellers protection?) Ebay make Millions of dollars from non paying bidders because we only get our listing fees back if the item sells a second time! They slap the buyer hand with an unpaid item strike...oouuuhh are you for real! that is NOTHING!!! Needless to say ebay AND paypal will not release her funds for 21 days AFTER the tracking number shows the items are delivered. This is so FU**ED UP I told them, I will be closing my accounts as well. SO long ebay!! I hope everybody follows me and leaves your BrokeAss website for good. Without the sellers ebay will be BROKE. Good riddens Ebay You punished a seller that was really trying to suceed.

Joe Michielli


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