Busted By Ebay For Selling Fake Iphones

     I was an Ebay seller in perfect standing for 7 yrs. I built a store and was selling my DVDs from home, then I found a dropshipper who had Apple Iphones, I pasted their ads on Ebay and was selling 5 a day, then 20 a day and then by the 4th day I sold 61,000.00 worth. I was so excited, I had to take a day off. I got home later that evening and I was locked out of my Ebay site and could not process orders.

     I called them and asked what was going on and I was informed that I was selling fake apple iphones and that is against ebay policy. I have no clue about these iphones and the picture was and said Apple Iphones. I had 200.00 in my account from my Dvds before I even sold 1 iphone but they are keeping every penny, they refuse to credit my account for all the refunds and are telling me I owe them 4,000.00..  what a joke. I need a REAL GOOD ATTORNEY, any good ones out there that can help me get what is mine? I was so sick after this happened and I almost had a heart attack, litterally, my wife was so scared but I wouldn't let her call an ambulance.

     Anyway, I am so pissed off and all I want is the money I EARNED from selling my Dvds. I never took one penny out of the paypal account and every dime should have refunded these people, but instead I have a large bill that I have no intentions of paying. they refuse to get the money back from the supplier that I paid for the iphones thru. I feel it was a scam by ebay to kick me off because I was selling so good, I did not know they were fake iphones, at least according to ebay they were. I saw a picture with the Apple iphone logo and started selling them.

Please get back to me if you know a good attorney who would be willing to take this case.

Thank You


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