Bullies Cheats and Liars


Reading your latest post I have to say that I have been in exactly the same boat. I opened a bank account specifically to be able to access PayPal and set up an account with PayPal. All seemed well and then my account was "limited" and I was asked for more information. Apparently as I now know a typical ploy from PayPal. I supplied that, I phoned PayPal and so it went on, more phone calls etc and I was told that I was never going to be able to have a PayPal account due to unspecified "security issues". The account in question never had any funds go through it, either as credits or debits but I do have an outstanding amount of money due to me from an internet book company who claim that they can only pay me via Paypal. I am now beginning to wonder if they are not in cahoots because I can't access the funds which have been generated by the sale of my books due to not having a Paypal account. Further Paypal claim that they cannot simply remove my account but why would they need it there if it isn't operational? It is all a bit fishy and the "customer service" that they claim whilst very polite always manages to avoid the questions asked and offers no means of recourse or explanation. When I asked "Tell me then what is wrong with the account" I was told "I don't have to supply you with that information". It appears that some people never have a problem and think that PayPal is great, but those of us who have had some unspecified problem know that PayPal are bullies, cheats and liars who manipulate and hold all the cards, not allowing any recourse or discussion when there are problems. They have destroyed a piece of my business and prevent me from earning an income from my writing, without so much as an explanation. PayPal sucks and should be investigated.

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