Brand New Item Disputed

I sold an item on Ebay. The buyer than files a complaint with Paypal stating than he never received the item. Two (2) days later as scheduled, the item was delivered. He then retracted that complaint with Paypal, but he then files a new another complaint stating "the item was not the same as advertised".

This item was in fact BRAND NEW/UNSED/MANUFACTURED WARRANTED - it was pure mint condition - right off our shelf. Paypal than files a lien for the refund, based upon the frivilous malicious statements by the buyer. Paypal has a pratice of " your guilty until you prove your innocence," and even though we explained our position, Paypal still took our money, as well as our fees.

PAYPAL IS A RIP_OFF !!! I am closing my account!!!

James Hannan


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