Boycott Paypal And Ebay

WTF!?!?! I have bought and sold on ebay for years! I have 100% positive feedback. I can only surmise that PAYPAL is holding my $2.60 cent for 21 days because I have the audacity to hand label and use the USPS all by myself on items I have sold. I do not want to use their print a shipping label crap! I am just selling things out of my house that I no longer want or need. I cannot see any justification for ebay/paypal (all the same entity) holding my money! I will no longer use paypal. If I cannot find what I want on another site I will live without it! F--- them! I have had it with their mafia like strong arm tactics! They are completely out of control and I will take back control of my life and my money the only way I know how. BOYCOTT BOTH EBAY AND PAYPAL!!!


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