I received BillMeLater[BML] latest bill for my alleged purchase of a product from Epic Tune for
$33.70. [now increased to $118]
I initially contested this charge within five days of receiving BML bill.
At that time BML statement only referenced that I owed your collection company
$33.70 with no indication of the original charging party or the idem I supposedly purchased for $33.70.
I called BML office for clarification .at that time BML told me the original charging company was 'Epic Tune'. BML told me they had no idea what I purchased for the $33.70.
BML decided not to give me either the address of Epic Tune or their telephone number.
So I decided to contest the charge with BML company.
On September 15, 2011 [Sept 2011] BML responded to my [September 10, 2011] contest of the $33.70 . BML did not respond with more information about the purchase other than BML was not willing to do anything about the charge since it was over 60 days old. This statement is not true since I initially responded to BML within one week of receiving your initial bill to me. This can be verified by my accountant and historical emails. [According to internet customer reports BML has used this false, but alarming, tactic many times before]
The last bill I received from BMLwas for $116. So from yBML's original letter to me concerning my contest [Sept 2011] until now [Dec, 2011] BML has quad the false charge from the original charge of $33.70.
To date I have never received any information from BML company concerning the alleged $33.70 charge other than the fact that BML does not have my correct email address on file {another lie since I have received a email prior to every bill you send me]. All internet purchases that I am aware of use the charging party email as a security mechanism.
I do not lie about my purchases and I do not lie about my email address.
So at this time BillMeLater is asking me to pay $116 for a contested $33 purchase
BML will not release any information about the charging party so I can verify the charge.
I have reported this case to the Better Business Bureau and a government agency associated with internet fraud.

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