Bike Frame Biz Shut Down By PayPal


I started impoting Carbon bike frames from China, Doing custom paint Jobs on them!
Business grew very quickly,
Within 3 months it grew by around 500%
I was using paypay account for Buying From Taiwan and China, also using the same account for Selling, I had 291 Positive 100% feedback, with no unresolved cases. On 9 August 2011, after doing 6000 in sales on the weekend , I received an email from paypal saying that they needed information from me. i.e.Proof of Id. Address, Proof That I owned the goods I was selling, proof of Delivery, Suppliers info etc...
I send all the information they need and Recieve and email saying that my account will be restored. Two hour later, I recieve another email That totally contradicted the earlier one, it said that my appeal had been denied and that they were taking steps to close my account in the interest of the safty of the Paypal commuity! 
They immediatly removed 645 for the following months invoice and locked the rest of my funds in for 180 day(march 2012)
I appealed. I phoned, I emailed, but they denied my appeals, refused to explain why!
but Told me that I couldnt have another account!(Ever)
Thinking I was being clever, we started trading on my Sons account! 3 weeks later they linked that account to me (somehow?) Banned him and locked an additional 2300 from the sale of a bike! so then I used my daughters account! she lives in london, so no Link other than Name1 being a little paranoid by now, i transfered the funds straight back out to her account and she the tranfered it to mine!  They locked in another 693! 
Finally, I used a family friend!  with no apparent link!
Yesterday they did the same! 2792 on hold for 90-180 days!
Nothing illegal, nothing underhand!
Just started selling stuff to make a few extra quid at something I seemed to have an eye for!

Where did it all go Wrong!!!

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