Been Scammed More Times Than I can Count


I have been selling on ebay for over 10 years, and within the past 2 years i have been scammed more time than i can count by ebay and payapl. this is what happens: FISRT I list my item for sale and even have in my listing the buyer agrees to my terms; sold as-is with no refunds or returns, so once i sell i ship here with in the past 2 year more and more people are wanting to get there credit card company to refund the price and they keep the item. they tell them they no longer what it or its not what to though it was. There for paypal sides with the buyer and not the seller and i have a legal contact and my terms are in plain sight! So to me if they allow a buyer to break an contract of terms and my policy, then paypals and ebays policy and terms are void too! So here within the past month I sold an entire coin collection over $10,000 worth of coins for $3,500 now the buyers wants to return it as he needs the money for something else after he won the listing and paid, i told him my policy was no refunds sold as-is. so he went to his cc to do a reveres charge, now paypal says i have to refund since i do not have enough in my paypal account, I told them I was not going to refund anything and will not! They can stick it where the sun does not shine! And i have since moved to Canada and have not updated my info with payapl and dont plan to! and they have screwed me for the last time! I think somebody should take out payapl and ebay from ripping people off anymore!

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