Became Top Rated And Locked Out

I worked day and night to get my ebay account to become top rated. Once it did become top rated I was then able to begin selling more products at faster rates. Duh, thats the whole point of being top rated. Paypal decided that my account had begun to take in too much money and requested verification of my invoices to prove purchase of items I was selling. I gladly gave them this info. They then denied my paperwork and locked my account for 180 days. THeir reason for this is that the address for my vendor did not match what they found on google. However, had they called the vendor he could have told them that he moved locations in the last few months. They used google to verify my invoices?? Are they retarded? I gave them everything they needed with no hiding whatsoever. THey are ruining my ebay business and trying to hold over 20 thousand dollars of my money for 180 days. They dont realize how much more business I had to offer. I will not sit back, I will not let them get away with this. Lets make a rally in front of paypal headquarters to show people what they really do!

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