Banned For Life For One Mistake


The other day i logged into paypal with a spoof IP (i use it for security in some place, sometimes you want to be anonymous), in either case i forgot to turn it off when i logged into paypal. they asked for security into, like a random check they said. and it thought everything was fine. i transfered my money like i always do.
i was waiting for fine art amount to come, but it never did. i logged in today to fine out my account was locked, and the transfer reversed - i almost bounced a check.
they told me that a foreign account tried to access my account and transfer funds.
i called them up and told them the story and they didn't care. they told me that the account is closed - and because it was linked to something fraudulent i would never be allowed to use paypal again. it think the only way to set it up again is to create another account in my bank and then maybe it will work, but even that i'm not certain if. which is a real inconvenience. they told me that in order to get my money i would either have to refund the amount back to where it came from and hope they send a check back - or wait up to 180 days to get what basically is my salary.
so i had them refund it back to here and another site i deal with. and i can't use paypal.
what does this mean to you? if you log onto your paypal account from another IP (to wire money into your account from another country, your on vacation for example), they will lock you out of the account and ban you from using it. and you won't have access to that money for the next 6 months or so (i'm sure they get the interest for that as well). and forget about using it for your business that way as well.
so now i'm screwed by this. i don't know of other places, i don't know if setting up another account would do anything or not, just totally useless pay pal is. never trusted them, and this is one of the reasons why.
i had this problem with my credit card once, no problem, here's a new card. i got the password wrong once on my bank account, no problem, we'll unlock that after some ID checks. paypal - your banned for life after making just ONE mistake.
so if someone were to break into your account and use your bank account for some odd reason (you would  think they would use their own, not the one on record that they have been transferring too all this time) - then your screwed. thanks for using paypal, yeah right...

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