Account Limited With No Resolution


They limited my account after selling over 100 items on eBay  100% positive feedback I too real pride in keeping it that way. I stop selling for several months while I moved. I log onto my account and it says limited access click link to see how to get limits removed. On the next screen it says your account has been associated or linked to fraudulent activity and gave me some case # and said to contact the resolution department for further assistance. So I called and they basically told me to call their legal department (which was just a message telling me that if I was a police officer investigating a fraud case please send email to some address. If you need imitate assistance please press zero. Which I did and it started replaying the message. ( it also said do not leave message because it will not be answered). So I called back to PayPal and got another rep and he told me basically there was nothing I could do, there decision is final. They told me if I wanted to know the reason I would have to get a court order and then and only then would they release that information. PayPal needs to be shut down. Because it looks like to me, when someone high up in PayPal needs some money they just flag a bunch of accounts and Walla free money. And no one can do anything about it.

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