Account Limited For No reason



I had a paypal account for my eBay purpose about 2 years ago.  For no apparent reason, they put limit on my account and held my money for 180 days.  There was no explanation all they said was they can't disclose any reason.   Okay, I waited 180 days to withdraw my money at the time.

Time passed by and I needed to have paypal account so I used different bank account and was able to open an account and doing fine with about 70 transactions on eBay.   When I recently received money for my sale about $4000, Paypal asked for updated information about my account, so all I did was follow their direction, like my ss# and added other information I was asked.

All of sudden Paypal put limit on my account and holding my money for 180 days again.  I called and requested the reason but they said that there's other companies that I can use and they will not disclose any reason why they are doing this non-sense to my account again.

This is a total non-sense and I am thinking to go legal way to at least to make
Paypal explain to me the reason why.   Since I didn't do anything wrong.
They just are punishing people for no reason.

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