Account Closed And No Appeal Can Be Made


I opened an Ebay account earlier this month, which requires that you open a PayPal account: within a few days, I got an email from PayPal including "It has been determined that you are linked to another PayPal account that has violated PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy." "We have detected that these accounts were used to purchase from a website in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy". "Any linked accounts will be closed". "We now consider that matter closed."
I have emailed PayPal 6 times saying that I'm not linked to any other account, have never had any other PayPal account, and of course have purchased from websites; and asking for full details of the accounts and of the violation, so that I can counter these spurious statements: each time I get a standard reply saying no appeal can be made.
PayPal have absolute control over not only who uses PayPal, but also who uses Ebay: presumably they are run by the same people, since Ebay also send a standard reply, saying contact PayPal.
It seems that the PayPal management must be based in Syria, or perhaps Egypt: they've never heard of human rights.

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