6 Months Of Going Back And Forth


Similar to other users on this site, I first ran into problems selling iTunes gift cards.  After noticing a discrepancy in their seller protection clause covering "unauthorized use" seller protection cases, which do not require a seller to show proof of shipping an item within 7 days (just that they ship it, which I did) I went back in forth with PayPal for the past 6 months.  My account was in negative balance the entire time and I simply blocked their collection calls, etc. while trying to resolve it with PayPal.  This past week, after taking 1.5 months+ to get back to me on a question, they finally relented, crediting me as a "courtesy" but advising me to "play by their rules" (sic).  However, the credit left me $2.50 in the red and when I paid it, I was told it would take a week for them to clear my account for use even though the charge has already hit my credit card.  That's literally the definition of stealing -making you pay for something and then withholding the good/service from you.  I have never dealt with a company as problematic and ridiculous as PayPal... what a scam.

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