10 Years With PayPal And Got Limited


Paypal decided to place a payment hold on my a/c after 10 years!!!! Apparently ebay buyer now have 3 days after receipt of item to decide :if they want it or not " and until then my payment is on hold. I have perfect feedback always ship within 2 business days and my tracking #'s are uploaded automatically. She then tells me I must sell 25 items a month. Really? She then tells me if I increase my sales? but didn’t you just tell me I need to increase to 25 per month??????? A GREAT way for Paypal to hold other peoples money! She tells me "BUYERS MUST BE PROTECTED" how about protecting sellers from idiot buyer who dont pay??????????????
PAY PAL should NOT be allowed to hold money - can a bank refuse to let you withdraw your money? Surely this goes against the constitution and our rights as US Citizens??

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