$19000 Frozen And Kids Taken Away

Paypal froze my account that holds 19,000. all of my hard earned money just sits there. I had  back surgery that left me with limited use of my legs. I do not receive any public assistance. I found a legal and honest way to make ends meet . I am a single mother of five kids and CPS has just removed them due to not being able to care for them. How can i when all money is in Paypal. They froze my account for no reason. Just to make off the interest. Im going to have a nervous breakdown. I cant believe this is happening to me and no one from the BBB, DFI and attorney general can help. I called Paypal so many times in 3 weeks and all im told is... Mam, we are holding your funds for 6 months. WHY? I didnt do anything wrong. I use that money for a roof over my head and care for my children whom are now in foster care until i have proof of income to care for them. Just imagen a mother without her kids and what those kids are going through. GOD HELP ME OR KILL ME. I dont even want to  live anymore. I have nothing to live for . I received an eviction notice today. I dont have any family here in AZ

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