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This site has gotten a little messy the last several months, so I'll try updating this sitemap on a regular basis. Also, be sure to read our WARNINGS page.

Security Issues (must read pages)

  • What are "Spoof Sites" and "Phishing Expeditions?" You must learn about this stuff if you are going to be online.

  • What is Spyware? Trojans? Keyloggers? What they are, and solutions given. Again, you must learn about this stuff if you are going to be on the internet.

  • Alerts for Virus, Phishing, DDos, Security and other issues. Don't read this until you have read the above two and understand the problem.

  • How to setup MSIE for much tighter security and less risk. This is not the easiest way to do it, nor the most convenient. However, it's better than nothing.

  • How to protect your online purchases.

  • Our Help Pages (must read pages)

  • File a complaint against PayPal

  • Our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Special forum for UK PayPal Problems

  • My PayPal Account shows a negative balance. What will happen now?

  • NCO - Collection Agency, what you can do.

  • How PayPal's Terms of Service (ToS) puts you at risk.

  • I didn't get something I paid for, help!

  • I want to report what happened. (It's under legal assistance.)

  • PayPal froze my account, how do I get it unfrozen?

  • Man sues PayPal in small claims court and wins.

  • Auxiliary PayPal Phone Numbers (also see the FAQ page.)

  • Options, aka PayPal alternatives

  • Whistleblowers & PayPal Insiders

    PayPal's Seller Protection Policy is a farce, and even a PayPal employee admits to it.
    My comments on the book "PayPal Wars" written by an early member of the PayPal team
    PayPal Former Employee 1
    PayPal Former Employee 2
    PayPal Whistleblower 1

    Also see our LINKS page for crime reporting and legal help

    Editorial & Commentary

    User commentary regarding PayPal - 1
    User commentary regarding PayPal - 2
    How do I contact
    Documentating the PayPal Outage of October 2004

    Popular Threads

    PayPal's Proofreader Foulup acknowledges the Seller Protection Policy is not very helpful to the average seller.
    User does a great job documenting PayPal's violations of the class action lawsuit settlement agreement. Read the whole thread, especially his response to PayPal's response to the AG's letter.
    User records their call with PayPal, what a doozy!
    "PayPal isn't helping" regarding the recent phishing expeditions.
    PayPay to start fining sellers starting September 24th.
    Details on proposed class action settlement suit.
    PayPal will no longer allow it's users to opt out of CC funding.
    Judge Fogel declared PayPal's ToS "substantively unconscionable".

    Domain Disputes

    Domain name disputes, PayPal's attorneys send threat letter, our attorney fires back!
    Our attorney's answer letter (pure text)


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    If you want to donate to the victims of the earthquake and tsunamis here's a page of known reputable charities.

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