Filing a complaint about PayPal

Legal Assistance - If you have a problem with PayPal that you have not been able to resolve, you can file complaints with the following agencies:

Fraud Tracking/Reporting - Report fraud and scams to help others avoid the same problems.
  • for reporting scams and fraudulent activity.

  • File a complaint with the Nebraska Better Business Bureau. (Users have reported some success!)

  • FBI Fraud Complaint form. If you have been defrauded by someone you can file a formal complaint with the FBI.

  • File a complaint with CoScore.

  • IC3, the US Government's Internet Crimes Site. If you have been defrauded by someone you can also file a formal complaint here. Please note this is for fraudulent websites, spam, spoofing, identity theft, Espionage, extortion, investment scams, etc. Do not post a complaint if you are just pissed at PayPal. However, if your problems with PayPal started with some scam or other criminal activity, then you should file a complaint.

PayPal Sucks. Use a Merchant Account To Accept Credit Cards