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Febuary 2005, The class action lawsuit settlement has been finally approved by the District Court. Expect short form and statutory claims to be paid by late February and long form claims to be paid by late March 2005.

Febuary 1st 2005 FTC says online fraud over half a billion dollars in 2004. I guarantee you PayPal was a frequent topic in the claims.

October 11th & 12th 2004, PayPal goes down due to .... who really knows. Our traffic jumps 600% for those 2 days. Forums routinely had 100 people at any time reading.

Settlement site makes Alexa "Movers and Shakers" (Scroll down the page.)

From the period July 27th to August 3rd we never had less than 20 people in the forums. Didn't matter if it was 3am on a Sunday, noon on a Monday, or 11pm an a Friday evening, at least 20 people were reading the horror stories of PayPal. I realize this might not mean a much to most people, but for me to log into the forums at 3am on a Sunday and see 20 people reading them... well it's a pretty shocking event for me. Consumed about 20Gig of traffic over these days. :-) Thanks everyone for coming and reading. I hope you all learned a lot.
July 26th 2004 - Looks like PayPal started sending out email notifications about the class action lawsuit settlement today. :-)

July 23rd 2004 - Details on the PayPal Class Action Lawsuit Settlement and link to claim forms.

June 14th 2004 - PayPal agrees to settle suit for $9.25Million

March 8th 2004 - PayPal to Pay $150K to NY to settle charges. . It's a start!

Febuary 27th 2004 - Damon @ PayPal is leaving. Anyone who's had a problem with Paypal probably has heard of Damon. The only person to really resolve some people's problems. Now he's hanging it up. Paypal was already in the toilet for it's customer support, it's about to get a lot worse.

Nov 30th 2003 - AT&T sues Ebay/Paypal

November 2nd 2003 - CBS New York does a story on Paypal.

May 27th 2003 - It looks like Brightpay is down for the count. Read it here.

May 23th 2003 - Guest Commentary regarding PayPal's Debit Card. If you use your PayPal debit card like you do your other debit cards or even your credit card, you are in for a very rude surprise should you ever have a problem.

May 12rd 2003 - Guest Commentary regarding PayPal's new Terms of Service. Has PayPal got you confused? Don't understand why you have to submit to this new terms of service? Before you do, you might want to read this commentary.

March 20th 2003 - presents!. Finally! We now have a Special Citibank forum just for those people unhappy with Citibank. Post away! ;-)

March 2003 - Alexa ranks in the top 1% of all websites!

First Quarter 2003 - WoW! So much has been going on here I've not been able to keep up! Our traffic has soared. Media, government and law enforcement contacts have also grown substantially! It's getting hard to keep up with it all. But get ready, something even bigger is right around the corner! :-) Just keep up the good work. Post your stories in the forums and tell others. Also be sure to file a complaint with the FTC if you've had an injustice done to you by PayPal. There is a link on the links page. Also, special warning: There are dozens of scams out there trying to get you to give the bad guy your paypal information. If you get an email with a link in it telling you to log into your paypal account, DO NOT DO IT! Here's a link that explains how to protect yourself.

October 27th 2002 - AbiWord (a free cross-platform word processor) has it's tip jar almost wiped out due to PayPal's lack of security. Here is is 2002, after countless security breaches, and no one's paypal account is safe from vandals/thieves. (UPDATE: PayPal finally released their funds, but minus the money stolen.)

September 6th 2002 - First USA Bank, N.A. filed a lawsuit for patent infringement against PayPal, Inc. in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware, Case File No. 02-CV-1462.

August 30th 2002 - Forced arbitration is ruled UNFAIR! Judge to PayPal: No, you can't deny people their rights to jury trial and Arbitration policy rigid and unfair Way to go Judge Fogel!

August 21st 2002 - Forbes names this site one of the Top 5 Corporate Complaint Sites on the net! Thanks Forbes, and we'll work on the news section!

August 2002 - Alexa ranks in the top 3% of all websites! (Ranked: number 60,435th most visited site.)

July 2002 - Ebay buys PayPal! - Is this a good thing or a bad thing ?

June 2002 - We replied to PayPal's threats! We obtained counsel and replied to their threatening letter below. We have no intentions of letting them bully us to close the site. We are clearly within the "fair use" clause of trademark law and they've made a huge mistake if they think they can intimidate us so that people won't have a place to state their grievances.

There are plenty of places on the net to help. We contacted all of them and all have replied positively. If you have such a problem with your site, the sites listed below could be a great help to you.

We'd like to thank:

Post your thoughts in the forum !

June 2002 - PayPal's attorneys send threat email!


    We are intellectual property counsel to PayPal, Inc. of Palo Alto, California. As you are well aware, PayPal provides financial services under the PAYPAL name and service mark and owns and operates the website at . Our client's name, service mark and website are among its most valuable assets.

    We have recently been made aware of your operation of two websites, and , that infringe our client's service mark rights in the PAYPAL mark. Printouts of your websites are attached to the confirmation copy of this letter. We further understand that these websites provide a forum to criticize PayPal, Inc. Our client respects your right to do so--provided your websites do not contain any false, disparaging or defamatory statements. We must remind you that any such statements contained on your websites are actionable and can subject you to liability.

    Regardless of your purported mission, your use of our client's PAYPAL mark in connection with the operation of websites and in domain names constitutes trademark infringement. Quite simply, use of the PAYPAL mark in a commercial manner is not protected free speech. It is quite evident from your websites that you are profiting off of the PAYPAL mark by selling banner advertisements, offering competing financial services, and using your site to attract PayPal's customers for your own commercial gain. For such infringement, you can be held liable for monetary damages (tripled), an injunction and our client's attorneys' fees.

    On behalf of our client, we must insist that you immediately cease all further use of the PAYPAL mark and transfer the domain names to our client. We further demand that you provide an accounting of the profits that you have received in connection with your operation of these websites.

    Your swift and full cooperation would enable us to resolve this matter quickly and on an amicable basis. Please contact me as soon as possible, and no later than June 7, 2002, so that we may facilitate a prompt resolution of this matter.

    Very truly yours,

    Anthony J. Malutta
    Two Embarcadero Center, 8th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94111-3834
    Tel: 415.576.0200
    Fax: 415.576.0300

We are rocking and rolling folks! We hit 18,000 unique visitors several weeks ago, and now average 15,000 a week! :-) Thanks for posting! Thanks for telling your friends! Good things are around the corner, let's keep it up.

Added links to the online forms to the California and Nebraska AG's offices. File your complaints! Added an email address from a reporter,, doing a piece on PayPal. Added the Options page for other services that you might be able to use in place of PayPal.

Another Lawsuit was just filed. Click on links to get the contact info.

The biggest shock to us has been the traffic we are getting. Our bandwidth bill has really jumped and we are going to have to find some way to pay it. (Hence the banners and pleas for sponsors.) There are a lot of people very upset with PayPal. Also, PayPal employees account for .6% of all visitors here. Now before you yawn, realize the largest ISP in the world, AOL, accounts for 3.3% of all visitors and other "major players" account for about 1-3%. All of these have millions of subscribers. So for PayPal's employees (all 418 of them) to account for at least .6% is very, very high. Maybe they should worry less about us, and more about their jobs and there wouldn't be so many people upset with PayPal.

Of course the other big news is that PayPal when public on the 15th of Febuary. Stock went from $14 to $20. Let's all watch where it goes now. Lots of the PayPal cheerleaders online ready to plunk down their money. Let's see how much they cheer in 30 or 90 days.

Also, we added to our links page. If you are a merchant and take credit cards, they also have some resources that might help you. (Note: they probably won't be of much help with PayPal issues as they deal with the scammers end of the problem, but you still might find some helpful information there.) That's all for now!