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Thread: paypal just makes things up

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    Default paypal just makes things up

    We sell odds and ends. Sometimes the bill is $30, sometimes $1000. Paypay decides, out of the blue, that we are HIGH risk. No customer complaints. then paypal held the money for 6 months. WOW. I did however refund the customers that I still could and contacted them outside ebay/paypal. How they operate HAS to be illegal. Count me in for any legal payback or petition etc. against ebay/paypal. They desperately need real competition.

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    since paypal has the right to hold anyone's funds for any reason they don't even need a real reason to hold your money. they can just make one up.

    paypal is by far the shadiest company you can ever get involved with.

    and it is not like what happened to you is this isolated incident. No they do it everyday all day long to unsuspecting good sellers.

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    Same thing happened to me sort of. I was never even told that I was High risk or told ANYTHING at all. What I got was I received a notice stating my account was limited. I called to find out why. In a nutshell: I can never use Paypal again and I was told I would have to subpoena Paypal in order to find out why my account was "limited."
    Now would not the smart thing be that they tell me why my account was limited and so I know and will not make that mistake again that way I can still use their services and they can still make money off of me.
    I am pretty sure I know why but I will never know for sure; I was selling on Etsy instead of eBay.

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    Paypal can do what they want when they want as per their user agreement.
    1. Using PayPal's service is NOT quick, is NOT easy, is NOT convenient, is NOT safe, and is NOT secure.

    2. PayPal can make important changes to their user agreement that might endanger your money without your consent.

    3. PayPal acts in your interests ONLY in respect to holding your funds. PayPal will do what is in THEIR best interests and NOT YOURS.

    4. PayPal can make your private information available to other companies and third parties based on the default settings in your account.

    5. PayPal can limit or freeze your account anytime and for any reason. That includes denying you access to YOUR MONEY!

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    Paypal is company that do illegal business. The goverment do nothing to stop them but just allow paypal to do harm to the people. I use paypal and ebay to make my money but I dont get my money. I can take money and flush down toilet I dont need paypal to throw my moneys away. I can flush your money away for free as well...see no more need for paypal.

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    I have used a PayPal account to run my used clothing business since 2005. I do not sell on ebay, but rather on another site. Since 2005, I have had ONE, yes, ONE claim open on me by some moron that bought something, forgot they bought it, and then filed a chargeback. After the bank told them what they bought, they remembered & closed the claim. This all went down in 24 hours. That's it. I have 100% positive feedback, never had a negative. I ship immediately & upload all tracking info to PayPal.
    Paypal has put their "holds policy" on our account. No reason, just because. No one can give me an answer. No one can tell me anything. They did this in Oct, Nov & Dec of last year, removed it CHRISTMAS DAY, and assured me it would never happen again. They told me it was because someone had mistakingly listed us as a drop shipper and that flagged our account as high risk. Well, guess what? Yesterday, I am informed our money is being held again.
    I hate PayPal. They ruined my Christmas & are about to ruin my child's birthday. This is our only source of income. We're screwed & no one at PayPal can give me a reason why.

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    paypal can limit any account at any time for any reason. they don't care if you have been using them for a day , a year or a decade. they don't care if this is your only source of income. remember holding your money is PAYPAL's source of money, they collect interest on your money.

    and don't believe a word they tell you on the phone. they'll say whatever to get you off the phone.


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