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Thread: Can You Use in UK?

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    I just want to know if people in the UK can have a Merchant account with [url=]PayPal Alternative, Alternatives To PayPal, Merchant Account, Accept Credit Cards Online - Home[/url] and is it a legit company?


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    Chloe, I looked into this being a UK resident myself and found out that it is not available in the UK, US only.
    I called them to see if their services were available in the UK and the nice lady on the phone told me that they are only available for US based business. Too bad because it is a really good deal and I got through to someone on the phone right away, not all that paypal BS.

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    This site does have recommendations for uk merchant services as well. But it is a bummer that is not available in the uk.

    I am pretty sure anything will be better than paypal

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    merchantinc is for us only. you could look into or just google uk merchant services.

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    Got my merchant account through 3 months ago and still stoked! Having the merchant account has been the best move I made. Don't know why I stuck it out with PayPal guess because until they bother ya you just keep processing with them, minor headaches, hiccups and all.

    Bumm deal that you folks in the UK don't have the capability to use them for a merchant account. Paypal has your market monopolized and that sucks! Have you checked with your personal bank?


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